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Since it was established in 1970, the name "Champion Construction" has been synonymous with the concept of quality. We believe that the home-building process doesn't have to be a stressful one; that in fact it shouldn't be at all. Building a home is the biggest financial decision of our lives, involving intense thought and multitudes of questions regarding a subject in which most people are not experts.

There is a conventional wisdom that sees construction companies--and contractors in general--as aloof and apathetic to the benefit of their clients. While some have certainly allowed relaxed standards to emerge as a way of increasing short-term revenues, we realize that only satisfied customers will refer business to us when asked their opinions, and we are constantly striving to untarnish the reputation garnered by others in our profession. This is one of the many reasons we choose to focus on quality rather than "banging out" an entire subdivision of "cookie cutter houses."

Champion Construction hasn't forgotten what it's like to be a small business, and it's that ability to remain in touch with features we want in our own homes that allows us to build homes we are proud of. Though we use higher quality materials and demand excellence from our partners and suppliers, we are still able to remain competitive without compromising that quality. Moreover, all along the way we have been able to maintain a custom attitude towards your home. We'd rather focus on quality and overall satisfaction at the end of the job.
  1. the spirit, attitude, methods, or standards of a professional, particularly when contrasted with those of an amateur
  2. the summation of all the qualities that are associated with trained and skilled people
  3. the expertise characteristic of a professional person

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