Privacy Policy

Champion Construction is aware of the growing concern over privacy and therefore the growing need for confidentiality and security with clients and their personal information. You can rest assured that Champion Construction will never compromise your privacy for any reason--promotional, sales, or otherwise--without asking your permission beforehand.

Currently the only possible online privacy concern you might have with Champion Construction would be with the contact page. We do not archive email addresses, nor are they stored on our web server; they are used only for answering requests received through the site. If our web server were ever hacked, no clients' information could be found on it.

Our site does not even require the use of cookies to function properly. A cookie is a small file stored on your computer on behalf of a web server; our web server does not currently make use of cookies. Even if share your information with us through the contact page, nothing remains on our web server or your own computer that could subsequently be harvested by spyware or hackers.

A more detailed illustration of our privacy policy will be immediately available if the need should ever arise.

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