If you haven't seen beautiful Colorado, you should.
These bluffs and this lake could be your backyard.
Choose a design for more details and 3-D interactive tours.

Champion Construction hopes to be able to provide every potential customer with the best information possible via the web. However, this interactive tour of our homes is a feature that consumes large quantities of bandwidth, and is therefore optimized for viewing via cable modem, DSL or similar fast connection. Again, while the tour will certainly work using any web browser at any transfer rate, a high-speed connection to the Internet is strongly recommended. Please allow for longer wait times while taking the tour, as each new page of the tour represents approximately 200-400 kilobytes of data, which can take a couple minutes to load over a healthy dial-up connection.

Additionally, for the tour to work properly, your web browser must allow the execution of Javascript. If Javascript is disabled in your web browser, please re-enable it before continuing with the tour. If you have never intentionally disabled Javascript, or you aren't sure, you probably won't need to make any adjustments to your configuration. If you can see the image moving at the top of the page, the rest of the tours will work as well.

Although dimensions given for some rooms are rounded and dimensions for non-rectangular rooms are approximated, the total square footage given accurately represents the useful living area in each floorplan.

Thank you, and enjoy the interactive tours.
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